Telenor Balance Save Code

Telenor balance save code


Are you a Telenor network user facing a balance deduction while using the internet? Does balance is lost while having an internet package or bundle?

Telenor is a most famous telecommunication company having a surprising supply of bundles or packages that one can use as Telenor balance save code. There are most easy methods to for free and no more taxes are deducted from users. Telenor offers different weekly, monthly deals which are more easy to use than using the internet without any offer.

Many users complain that they have lost balance in spite of the internet bundle. Here are some suggestions to save balance and no more extra subtractions from balance. Telenor company developed many methods to help and deal with  critical situations. The major logic behind this removal of balance is the usage of internet without Telenor Balance Save Service. Telenor also provides offers to customers such as PakTarrif and internet packages worldwide.

Using Telenor Balance Save Code understand easily

Telenor 4G is the most well known telecom network operating system of Pakistan. Telenor users simply dial code*869# and balance is saved. For the year 2023 a special code is used to save balance; it is not concerned with which internet package you are using.

Telenor Balance Saver 

The most easy and beneficial method to balance save is to dial *345*82*143# on your mobile screen. The given code will save your remaining balance without any risk. After dialing this code you become tension free and make your calls and can send SMS without any worries.

Telenor WhatsApp packages 2023 

Telenor provides bundles of internet packages such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and IMO. There are different weekly and monthly bundles presented to users according to their need. Users pick an offer for social media. In Telenor WhatsApp package users get Whatsapp monthly internet package in 85 PKR having 5000 MB. to activate the offer user simply dial 660# to get an offer.

How to Save Telenor Balance: A Step-by-Step Guide

Balance saving through Telenor is a quick and easy-going process. These codes are keys to save your credit for calls and messages also. But there is a limitation with the codes. They are used only in Pakistan.

  1. Using the General Code: 

You must have Telenor sim and dial *869# to save your Telenor balance.

2. For the Year 2023: 

You can use this code for the year of 2023

3. All Network Codes: 

All the Telenor balance save codes will be applicable to only telenor network connections.

4. Other Keywords: 

If you use some other keywords just like Telenor balance saver codes or Telenor save balance code’’ these keywords also show the same results.

Telenor Balance Save Code While Using Internet 2024

If you are a Telenor Network user , there occurs withdrawal of your balance at android mobile. That’s why Telenor users mostly browse methods to save their balance.  Sometimes people also report their problem at “network has deducted their entire balance”. Pakistan telecommunication networks face the reporting issue at regular intervals. But these must be solutions to this difficult situation. There are some code indications and Android settings. You have to apply these codes and settings on your Android device.

Best Telenor Balance Save Helpline “7799”

The Telenor balance saving code is *7799#. When an expiry date occurs at your package and you totally forgot to turn out your mobile data this code saves your remaining balance. So this balance is unharmed.

How to activate the code: 

  • Enter the code *7799# in the dial pad of your mobile.
  • Now you have to follow instructions shown on screen to activate your subscription offer. 
  • Now the screen shows “1” to confirm.
  • When you dial 1 to confirm. it’s now activated your subscription.
  • Now you get a short notify of confirmation
  • Now your balance saver is on. You can now use your internet without any hesitation. 

Telenor PayG Blocker Package Plan – Balance Save Call Method

If above given methods do not work then telenor users also call at company PayG Blocker Package number to get rid from unnecessary balance deduction. You have to dial 345 code Telenor Customer Support Service.  

How to activate?

  • Turn on the Android dial pad.
  • Dial 345 customer support service number.
  • There are multiple options given at different digit dialing.
  • You have to dial ‘1’ if you want to talk to an agent
  • The agent will ask your problem then you have to turn on a balance saving service.
  • Then we will get a notification of terms and conditions from the company along with your balance saving service.
  • Now you can enjoy unlimited internet without any fear of losing your remaining balance.

Telenor Balance Shock Offer – An Alternative

Sometimes there is a condition when your balance is lost. Your internet package is expired and you don’t even know about it and totally forgot to switch off your mobile data. In this case your balance is used by mbs to provide you with an activated internet. Now your balance starts to get low and until you receive a short notification about the situation you will completely lose your balance. 

To avoid such situations you must know about Telenor Balance Shock Bundle. If this offer is activated you will never lose your balance even after termination of your internet package. 

How to Activate it?

how to activate code
  • To active Telenor balance shock bundle dial *503#  from your mobile’s dial pad.
  • This offer will detect only 5/- rupees 
  • There is also an advantage to activate the offer, customers are awarded with 300 MBs of internet for 30 days.

Mobile settings for Telenor balance save code 2024

If you don’t want to lose balance then you must immobilize some of the browsers and applications or either have to block these apps so your recognition must be hidden. So you have to go to the settings to lock balance so the application can’t work in the background. This is very fruitful step to save balance. 

A special series of steps must have to  follow in the settings:

  • Go to the mobile settings (In the Android mobile, or iPhone )
  • Then go to network settings
  • After this mobile data settings will be open
  • A series of new lists will be showed here
  • All these apps have access to use your mobile data
  • You have to switch off or uncheck all the apps which are using your mobile data and you are currently not using any offer or bundles for those apps. Such apps must be shut off.
  • power on or look over the apps that use the mobile data you are using. Only these apps should be scanned or turned on.
  • Now after this settings no balance is lose all of your data will be saved
  • This is a very helpful scheme.

Terms and Conditions

There are several terms and conditions that all the Telenor users must have o follow.

These general terms and conditions are given here:

  • The offer is subjected to Telenor terms and conditions
  • These codes and taxes are subject to change at any time by the operator.
  • All the balance saving codes are for the prepaid customers are preferred for balance saving offers
  • Government taxes are deducted in the balance save process
  • All the Telenor users must have to verify their sim by biometric verification. Only registered sim is required to us.
  • All the USSD, codes, packages can be changed by the company at any time. 


Telenor is one of the most popular and best well-known telecommunications companies of Pakistan. It’s a great benefit to notify its customers about expiry packages or if using credit at standard rates. In this article we covered most relevant Telenor balance save codes and offers to ensure save balance without any irrelevant withdrawal. Companies at any time change codes or offers so you also have to go through these adjustments so that you can use your internet without any distress. Bookmark our website for more updates.


Different USSD codes are used to find out total Telenor balance. Dial *444# to check the remaining balance and your balance is displayed on the mobile screen.

Telenor users receive alerts about their balance and data if they are used at standard rates which shows that the purchased internet package has reached its limit and now your balance is used without any bundle of subscription.

Telenor customers firstly sign in to *1122#. At this code there is activation of a subscription. After sign in there is alert received to customers by SMS at 10 AM or the 30 days which shows complete details of balance usage.

If you are not using any offer or internet package when you turn on your mobile data it will automatically subtract your credit. To suppress this you must activate any offer subscription.

Current inform about package is checked by dialing code such as *123#. This is easy to reach and free of cost help which will let you know about remaining bundle.

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