Sharjah Airport Jobs 2023

Sharjah Airport jobs

Are you excited and interested in a beneficial and energetic occupation in aviation while you also have an expertise scheme? Sharjah Airport Jobs is an outstanding pioneer in introducing your profession in aviation. Here are a lot of job offers to start up your career, and all of your dreams come true here. They provide vacancies just like air traffic control, aviation management, pilot, aircraft controller, AC technician, and aircraft engineer. In contrast, others are security guards, cleaners, trolly boy drivers and, food packers, storekeepers, and catering staff.

It is easy to find a job opportunity that is raised up to skywards with aviation jobs in Dubai because it is dedicated to favorable results. The domain of Sharjah Airport Authority is a friendly environment to develop and supply a beneficial, supportive, and sometimes demeaning for its workers. This website will provide all the necessary information about job opportunities that are not issued and broadcasted by the Sharjah airport jobs recruitment team in the newspaper.

Job description for Sharjah Airport Jobs

  • Job Locality: Sharjah International Airport
  • Sharjah Airport Job Category: Aviation Jobs in UAE
  • Country: United Arab Emirates
  • Company:Sharjah Airport
  • Career Level: Mid Career
  • Gender: Any
  • Listed By: Employer
  • Education:  Diploma, Associate Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Certificates
  • City: Sharjah
  • Type of job: Full-time
  • Salary packages: AED 3000-5000
  • Working Experience: 1-2 Years

Sharjah International Airport

Sharjah International Airport was established in 1970 and was declared the usual airport for international aviation on 31 December 1976. According to the 2015 administrative demography from Airport Council International, it is the third biggest Middle East air cargo(transport by air) in tonnage, and it is now the first cargo depot that is inexpensive for shipping. Ground handling aircraft, the Sharjah Aviation team, assisted 586,195 tonnes in 2015 – a 16.1% increase year on year. It has one passenger terminal with an area of 125,000 m2 (1,350,000 sq ft).

This Airport was used by the United States Air Force 926 Tactical Fighter Group for action Desert typhoon/protection 450 individuals were positioned at the Airport, which was drifted A-10 Thunderbolt II landscape strike aircraft in late 1990 and early 1991.

The airport was also used by Royal Airways and the RAF until 14 December 1971. RAF Sharjah now exchanges it because it is near the city. Old Airport’s runway is now a portion of  King Abdul Aziz Street in the city center.

Market competitive salary and matchless benefits in Sharjah Airport Jobs

  • Shipping
  • Annual leave payment
  • Apartment deal
  • Medical insurance annual ticket aggregate
  • motivated pay package
  • Concession on getting flight ticket
  • Other bonuses and complete accommodation

Walk-in interviews & Recruitment

Attending Sharjah Airport Walk-in Interviews is an open interview that leads to the selection of a vital number of brilliant and ambitious candidates. In the interviews, the company examines and analyses your resume again, and this is suitable for selecting deserving candidates.

These interviews are held to give opportunities for those who are not dispensed by their official emails. So considered as the best option. Third-party recruitment organizations hold Sharjah Airport walk-in interviews, and they conduct open interviews somewhere in Sharjah and Dubai to hire the required number of employees.

Sharjah Airport walk-in Interviews are held for the Recruitment of:

  • Sales and Merchandise
  • Heavy-Duty Cargo Drivers
  • Ground Handling Jobs
  • Customer Service Front Desk Agents
  • Airport Security
  • Forklift Operators Airport Operational Jobs Retail
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Ticketing Agents
  • Restaurant and Cafeteria Airport Hotel Staff
  • General Cleaner

How to Apply for Sharjah Airport Jobs?

Suppose you are interested in applying for Sharjah Airport Careers. In that case, you must have appropriate qualifications and skills with work experience in retail sales, management, customer services, hospitality, or light vehicle driving and transportation. In order to apply successfully for Sharjah Airport Careers, follow these steps :

1. make a job introductory letter and create an interesting and professional resume

2. prepare soft copies of all your educational documents and school/college diplomas and degrees

3. Find job opportunities and compose an email with a mention of the subject of the job you are applying for.

4. Affix all your necessary documents/ degrees, including your CV, and put your email, including your job application, to the following email address.

 After applying for jobs, they are called by the Sharjah Airport Authority. HR Department of Sharjah Airport will reject your job application if you are not present in UAE. You are not eligible to apply for Sharjah airport jobs if you are present in another country.

The email addresses to submit your resume are the following:

UAE Nationals:

Mention your specialism in the subject of email, visit, and put your email on the Human Resources Department website.

Non-UAE Nationals:

To apply, send your professional resume to the following email address with mention of the branch of study of skillfulness.


Sharjah Airport is a major business hub of opportunities and also a good plan of action for your profession. It also provides a lot of facilities to its employees. They are always looking for talented and objective candidates with great inspiration, and this international Airport welcomes these candidates with great support to their team.

You have to find job opportunities, create your profile, upload a professional CV, complete the process of application, and put it forward. The hiring process will be held by the Airport Services Agent in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.


Women became apparent in administration and handling by their authority while providing the same roles as occupation development. They are emerging as role models of their broad vision and body language and are trusted mentors of our companies. They contain half of the workforce and are given the space to grow personally and professionally.

One must have a good qualifications. Your skills are determined to become successful in your career. One should have the ability to work shifts. It would help if you were a UAE National to be considered for this role. Excellent communication skills in the English language are a must

IT IS employment in different professions by the government of UAE for their citizens to serve their careers in skillful fields. UAE hires the candidates according to their skills and expertise to provide a better future at Sharjah International Airport.

UAE airport facilitates the best service at the Airport, helping create a friendly system for their passengers traveling with their Airways. Checking arrival needs (visas, residence permits) should be correct. Coordinating with cargo, power corporations, and catering suppliers for a smooth turnaround, baggage makeup area, and aircraft loading team should be done correctly. Company check passengers receive high-class service according to the standards of the airlines of Sharjah.

Sharjah Airport has 14 subdivisions. It is a financially strong airport with ATMs and interchange stations. It also contains a mosque and prayer rooms. It has one runway designated 12/30 with an asphalt surface measuring 4,060 m × 60 m (13,320 ft × 197 ft. The Airport is at an elevation of 116 feet (35 m) above mean sea level.

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