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As a fab account holders we are aware how it is challenging to wait in line at an ATM to check our bank balance. In such a case, we need an advanced method to check our salary or ATM balance. So, if you are tired of old balance check methods then don’t worry, you have reached a trusted website. We have a one step quick solution for you which is referred to as “FAB bank balance check online”

FAB online service is accessible 24/7 on web portals. In addition, employees having Ratibi cards can easily check fab balance by attempting balance inquiry.

What is FAB Bank?

Have you heard about FAB? FAB is an abbreviation of First Abu Dhabi Bank UAE which was first developed in December 2016 when the First Gulf Bank (FGB) merged with the National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD). It is a large bank that offers you many services and solutions such as investment banking and personal banking as well.

We have good news for you that recently, fab bank has got a partnership with FAFHA (Federal Automated Clearing House Association). Now the customers with FAB bank debit card & credit card are open to enjoy faster financial services at a lower cost.

How to Check FAB Account Balance Online?

There are three most renowned methods mentioned below to check FAB balance online if you have a strong internet connection. Now you don’t need to appear physically at the bank. You can use them at home comfort according to your preference at any time and anywhere. It also depends on the availability of resources. Follow the step by step guide about “how to use the convenient online balance check methods”?

Method 1: FAB Bank Balance Check Enquiry Via Mobile App

  • First & foremost, UAE FAB customers must download the FAB bank app through Google Play store or app store.
  • Search “FAB Mobile” in the play store and choose the official app developed by First Abu Dhabi Bank.
  • After that, choose the option “ Already a customer” and continue.
  • Being a FAB bank customer, you already have a customer ID or Credit Card Number. Just put it into the login section and  check the terms & conditions box.
  • Now you can check your balance by clicking on “Accounts Tab”.
  • We are thrilled to share with you, you also have a choice to make bill payments, transfer funds & manage account savings. Enjoy!

Download for Android

Download for iOS

Method 2: FAB Bank Balance Enquiry Via FAB Bank Website

Step 1: First of all, make sure you have a FAB prepaid card at your hand.  Because this is the only way to proceed this process, otherwise you can’t.

Step 2: Now visit the Fab PrePaid Card Enquiry page.

Step 3: You have to put the last two digits of your 16-digit Card.

FAB bank balance check

Step 4: Put a card ID that is located on the lower left corner of your First Abu Dhabi Bank prepaid card.

Step 5: Push on the “Go” button. Proceed the process to check your FAB bank balance online. There is also an option to check your last transactions as well.

Method 3: FAB ATM balance check

  1. For FAB ATM balance check, find a FAB ATM nearby.
  2. After that, enter your card into the slot.
  3. Next, put your PIN. 
  4. Once you have done all the above steps, then the ATM will show you options like “inquire about the balance”.
  5. After choosing it, you are able to check your balance on screen.

Metho4: Customer Care Agent

If you are encountering any difficulty during FAB services, you can also contact the customer care agent. UAE residents can contact them via the official website or call them on 600525500. And foreigners can contact them on +971 2 6811511.

FAB Cashback Offer for Salaried Customers

If you are a UAE FAB customer (having an FAB account via FAB mobile), then you are eligible for a cashback offer. For this, you must ensure that you have transferred two or more salaries to your FAB bank account.

  • UAE Citizens: Eligible for Up to AED 5000 cashback.
  • Foreigners: Eligible for a cashback of Up to AED 2500​​.

Cashback will be received in the form of FAB rewards, and FAB customers can use them in purchasing from their favourite brands. We have listed below two tables showing how UAE citizens and expats can earn the amount of cashback.

FAB Cashback Offer for Expats

Salary Per MonthMinimum & Maximum AEDCash Back
AED 5,000 to AED 25,000125 – 6252.5%
AED 25,000 to AED 50,000750 – 15003%
AED 50,000 Plus2500 – 25005%

FAB Cashback Offer for Citizens (UAE)

Salary Per MonthMinimum & Maximum AEDCash Back
AED 5,000 to AED 25,000150 – 7503%
AED 25,000 to AED 50,0001000 – 20004%
AED 50,000 Plus5000 – 500010%

How to Open the First Abu Dhabi Bank Account?

  • To open an FAB account, visit the official website www.bankfab.com.
  • At the top of the home page, “Login” option will display. 
  • Choose United Arab Emirates “Personal Online Banking”.
  • Next, hit on “Register”.
  • Enter your credit card number.
  • Insert OTP that will be received on your registered number.
  • Put a strong password that you can easily remember.
  • Now follow the on screen instructions to proceed this process.

FAB/NBAD Bank Prepaid Cards

  • DWallet
  • Multi-Currency Prepaid Card
  • eDirham Cards
  • New Generation eDirham Cards
  • eDirham G2 Al Haslah Cards
  • Ratibi Prepaid Card
  • Payment Prepaid Card
  • Prepaid Gift Card

Advantages of FAB ATM Balance Check Online

Some advantages of FAB ATM Balance check online are listed below. Let’s have a glance at them.


Say goodbye to Traditional methods like monthly statements or ATM receipt. With advanced FAB ATM balance check method, you have the opportunity to check your account balance online and recent deposits, withdrawals, or pending transactions as well. It is a more convenient method and you don’t need to appear physically to visit a bank branch or wait in lines.


Another advantage is online FAB ATM Balance Check is accessible on various platforms such as the mobile app, website. It is more convenient to use a user-friendly Mobile app or FAB website whenever you want.


Online FAB ATM balance check provides you full security to access your account. This level of security protects you from unauthorized access and your account information will remain confidential. Simply access your account by utilizing OTP or debit card number.


FAB ATM Balance Check is the best method to keep track of your spending and make sure you are staying within your budget. Check transaction history regularly and maintain your account savings.

Quick & easy Method:

FAB ATM Balance Check Online is a quick & simple process. With few clicks, you can get account information for which you are looking for. So, why do you still holding for something??? Try it right now…


Having knowledge to use Fab Bank Balance Check online is beneficial in this digital banking era. This service is user-friendly and provides WPS protection. By using an online service, you have all the bank account information at your fingertips. Hence, empower yourself with the ease and access your account balance information with just a few clicks. 

Manage your accounts & keep your finances in a secure place. Moreover, you don’t need to pay additional fees to avail this service. Experience this hassle-free process and keep track of your account balance. Bookmark our website umaredu.com for more updates.


FAB balance inquiry is an online bank service offered by First Abu Dhabi Bank. You can check your account balance and online transactions by using this facility.

When you utilize the official web portal or FAB mobile app, all account information will be protected. Because, FAB implements robust security measures to keep their customers’ personal & financial information confidential.

The eligibility criteria are that employer must be a FAB or NBAD account holder or UAE resident.

For this purpose, you have to login into your fab bank account via using FAB mobile application. After that, the salary account balance will show on the mobile screen.

Visit the FAB branch or call customer service. Afterward, you will be asked to provide your card details and personal information to activate your FAB Debit Card.

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